Deborah Smith Ford
Deborah Smith Ford

Deborah Smith Ford - Biography

Deborah grew up with an intense desire to be a part of "behind the scenes" in the entertainment world. As a result, she's worn many hats behind the scenes and within the scenes as well.

Acting, voiceovers, modeling and portraying celebrities and character lookalikes have been a part of her life in the world of entertainment. Film & television are her favorite, but give her the chance to be someone else and she will shine anywhere she hears "LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!"

In addition to her acting, Deborah has authored a children's book The Little Apple.  She is also a national acting and celebrity lookalike writer for

Screen Actors Guild and AFTRADeborah Smith Ford - Resume (SAG & AFTRA Eligible)

Height: 5'8" Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel
telephone 239-218-2565

Beyond the Forest
Wild Sunflowers
Pose Down
Phoenix Falling
Barely A Chance
Beowulf : Prince of the Geats
Making Waves
Escape from Cuba

Come to Paradise - Model Fiddler Productions
South Seas Plantation Guest Multi-Vision Productions
Yesterday's Everglades Pioneer David Clarke, Director.
Bonita Bay -The Brooks Resident Murray & Associates

Killing Mr. Watson Edna Watson Chokoloskee Productions
Music Mix USA-PR on internet & The Dharma Bomb

Citracal Farmer Boxer Films Production Company.
Oasis Legal Finance Wife SendTec, Inc.
Shell Point Community Nurse Nixon Productions
Unsolved Mysteries Tourist Meuers Production Company.
News-Press Beach Comber Waterman Broadcasting

MATRIX's Trinity
Queen of Narnia
Mary Katherine Gallagher

Naples Studio-Teleprompter
Florida Repertory Theater-Delsarte Method
Connelly / Legge Casting-Acting in TV / Film
Linda Zerne / Lori Wyman-Acting on camera
Edison College / University of South Florida -Theater
Tom Logan-Commercials, TV & Film

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