Deborah Smith Ford
Deborah Smith Ford

The Little Apple by Deborah Smith FordDeborah Smith Ford - Author

The Little Apple

ISBN 978-1-4251-8806-1
Written by Deborah Smith Ford
illustrated by Susi Galloway Newell

The Little Apple, as seen through the eyes of a child, is about a family who works and plays on an apple farm!

Author, Deborah Smith Ford, has written and continues to write books. Her first one published is the children's book The Little Apple.
Her next books have been inspired from her visit to Kenya, Africa!

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Deborah is engaged in a series of promotional tours in the USA and Europe more ...

Susi Galloway Newell



Illustrator Susi Galloway Newell began her artistic career at the age of 15, and her formal studies and training were that of four years in heraldic arts under a master.

Her work reflects a fascination for ancient arts, illusion, vibrant colors, beautiful scenery and unique viewpoints. She specializes in children's, fantasy and sci-fi illustrations.

Deborah Smith Ford - National Writer

Writer, Deborah Smith Ford writes for online publication on a national level in two categories, those of acting and celebrity lookalikes. Please "hit" her as often as possible.
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Deborah is engaged in a series of promotional tours in the USA and Europe - more ...

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